21 Day Detox

My last post did not lay out the 21 day detox very specifically, so here is the run down as I got it from my chiropractor


Vegetables and Fruits only!!!!

Twice as many vegetables as fruit. Green veggie Every Day.

Try to eat at least half raw (or only lightly steamed/stir fried over low heat)

Organic is best, but not required.

Limit sweet potatoes, white potatoes and bananas to only 1 per day. Corn is NOT a veggie!


Butter (unsalted), flax oil or olive oil or coconut oil or almond oil.  No peanut oil veggie oil

Salad Dressing – oil and vinegar (balsamic, apple cider) or see recipe below

Avocado –  no more than ½ per day


Unsalted varieties (pepper, garlic, red pepper flakes, turmeric, curry, cumin, rosemary, etc). Sea salt is best.

LOTS of Water

At least 64 oz. per day and drink mostly between meals.

Lemon/lime/orange juice (freshly squeezed) can be added to water

Detox Broth ( see below for recipe)

At least 24 oz per day…better to do it in 3, 8 oz servings

Follow recipe exactly. Do not add any spices/seasonings


Peel of 1 russet potato

1 rib of celery

½ bunch of Italian flat leaf parsley

6 cups Water

Bring water to a boil and add ingredients. Let simmer for 30 mins. Strain and Enjoy.

Protein Shakes

1-2 per day…If you are feeling extra hungry or weak, you can add a 3rd shake.

Mix with 8oz water

OR with 4 oz. or unfiltered apple juice (knudson is a good brand) + 4oz water OR 4oz. odwalla carrot juice + 4 oz water OR 3 oz. coconut milk (full fat- in a can) + 5oz water


Try to get exercise 6 days per week (break a sweat at least 20 mins. per day)

No diet drinks…no articifical sweeteners. Tea is okay–Green Tea or Yerba Mate is EXCELLENT

Eat frequently throughout the day. Do not skip meals. Eat as much as you want of approved items.


**Continue with same plan from day 1-10, but now you can add:


1-2 servings per day. 3-5 oz (size and thickness of your palm)

Salmon, Tuna, Cod are best

Avoid farm raised and Cat Fish

Baked/Broiled/light pan fry. No deep fried or Breaded

Chicken/Turkey/Red Meat

Every other day. 1 Serving

Free range, hormone/antibiotic free is Best

Baking/Roasting/Skillet Frying. NO deep fried or Breaded

If you add fish/chicken, do not use protein shake. If you prefer, you can follow the Day 11-21 Plan for all 21 days.


So there you have it. I opted to skip the whole protein shake thing and do the plan for days 11-21 the entire 21 days. Also I opted to go with no red meat and only do the fish and occasional chicken. The first 3 days were very tough. I had a wicked headache and just generally did not feel well. After, that I did really great until day 11. I had only lost about 3 pounds and I guess I just got discouraged because I totally fell off the wagon. For the next few days I was about half on and half off. This brings us to today where I am back on the plan. I will say that even though the scale is not rewarding me much I do feel better and my pants are actually getting baggy. Even Jason commented on this! (and if you know Jason, he hardly notices anything about clothes much less comments on them). So, if you are looking for a jumpstart to healthy eating, a system flush, or a way to get over cravings, I do recommend this plan. But beware, that detox broth is NOT fun! I am going to stick with this plan all this week and finish it on Saturday as regularly scheduled. After I wrap this up I am going with a “lifestyle modification” plan. I will post more about that later. And just for the record, the cauliflower popcorn was a hit at our house, but the name is a bit misleading.


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