30 by 30

Today is my 27th birthday. In honor of the occasion, I thought I would post my 30 by 30 list, originally posted two years ago around my birthday. I have updated accordingly (2009 updates in green, 2010 updates in purple).

  1. Finish my MA degree (3 more classes!)(Graduated in August 09).
  2. Become a mother (on the road to adoption)(Still on that road!).
  3. Visit a new country (went to Japan–summer 08 )(Ecuador in June 09).
  4. See (for the first time) a white sandy beach with clear, blue water (saw some white sand but definitely not the clear water in Japan)(Saw beaches in Florida and Ecuador this year–still holding out for an even better beach).
  5. Go to California.
  6. Participate in a foreign mission trip (I’d love to make this happen summer 09)(It did indeed happen…went to Ecuador in June).
  7. Support a child through Compassion International or a similar organization.
  8. Go to Disneyworld.
  9. Donate several more times to Locks of Love (donated once more).
  10. Take a photography class.
  11. Sell a painting (for more than just the cost of supplies) (I had a painting that sold at a charity auction, but I am holding out for an actual customer)(actually did a couple of things for money this year).
  12. Have my own business (Doing the little bit of art I do on the side might count, but I’ll hold off on crossing this one of the list).
  13. Learn how to drive a vehicle with a stick shift.
  14. Become skilled at shooting (did some practice this year for the first time in a while).
  15. Purchase a gun (or I guess someone could give one to me).
  16. Get my concealed handgun license (I have pretty much decided against this one).
  17. Own a Scottie dog (Still trying to convince Jason).
  18. Become a regular volunteer for a local organization.
  19. Participate in a book club (had a great time!).
  20. Go sailing.
  21. Go on a girls-only trip with the women in my family.
  22. Get a second hole pierced in my ears.
  23. Actually finish the AFI Top 100 Movies list.
  24. See a Broadway show.
  25. Read at least 10 books a year (it was more than 10 this year)(Again, it was more than 10 this year).
  26. See the Grand Canyon.
  27. Learn to sew.
  28. Move.
  29. Play tennis regularly–maybe even be in a league.
  30. Organize my mother & grandmother’s old family photos–possibly even scrapbook them (I am hoping for this to be a summer 2010 project).

I need to get moving on this list….only 3 years until I turn 30…Yikes!


2 thoughts on “30 by 30

  1. Happy Birthday! I didn’t know you played tennis. I need to improve my eye-hand coordination so that I can get my concealed handgun license. I’m so excited that you are selling some art!

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