Let me just say, I LOVE Christmas ornaments. I have to stop myself from buying them…I can really go overboard. I try to buy a Christmas ornament on every major trip we go on and I also pick out an annual ornament for myself and Jason. Sometimes that turns in to two or three annual ornaments because I just can’t decide on which to choose! At my house, our Christmas tree is a mish-mash of every ornament we own–you won’t find a themed tree in this house (at least not yet!). We have ornaments from childhood, from my students, from our parents, from ornament exchanges, and those we have purchased together. Maybe some day when we are in a different house we might have room for multiple trees…if that happens I would love to have a tree that only displays my collection of glass ornaments, a tree that has a red/black/white color scheme, and then our regular tree with everything else. We’ll see if that ever happens!

Some from my glass collection…

A cute pink & green Christmas tree: This was my annual ornaments for this year

The Capitol: Jason's annual ornament for this year

Leaning tower of Pisa in honor of my trip to Italy

A circus monkey: an ornament I gave Jason a few years ago

Just a couple of our MANY Dalmatian ornaments…

A Dalmatian couple: Jason's annual ornament from 2 years ago

A present from Jason's mom

We have many motorcycle ornaments and Simpsons ornaments…

I have ornaments from students…

Somewhere along the way Jason and I started collecting these small, personalized ornaments when we saw them on trips…

The moose and bear are from a trip to Colorado



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