When I was growing up, we always had an advent calendar and candle holder in our home. I always looked forward to opening the door on the calendar every day and lighting the candles each Sunday. We would do readings and have special family dinners on Sundays during advent. We also received one small gift each Sunday of advent leading up to Christmas (a tradition my mom still carries on with my nieces and nephews) Although Baptist churches don’t always really play up advent and those type of traditions, I suppose my mother got these traditions from growing up Methodist and also living in Germany during her childhood. Until I was older, I didn’t realize that not everyone had advent calendars and lit candles each week, let alone even knew what advent was all about.

At Providence Church, we light the candles for advent each week so I have not felt a huge need to carry on my mom’s tradition in my own home. I don’t have an advent wreath or calendar…we have simply partaken of the tradition at our church, not at home. But, this year I have felt the urge to bring these traditions into our home and focus more heavily on the advent season in our daily lives. To this end, I am in the market for a calendar and a candle holder. The throwaway paper advent calendars are fairly easy to come by and you can even find wooden reusable advent calendars at a lot of stores. The problem is that most of them are santa/reindeer/snowman/etc themed and are really meant to be a countdown to Christmas, rather than having a focus on advent. I would like to find a nice reusable calendar with an advent theme that I can use for years to come. I would also like to find the advent candle holder. These are a little harder to find than the calendars. I been looking online and have found several different options…

Wrought Iron Advent Candle Holder

Handmade Advent Wreath (Comes in a variety of colors)

Swedish Advent Candle Holder (You will have to click on the Ebay link to see the picture)

A Child Is Born Candle Holder

Fabric Advent Candle Wreath (This is so cute for kids! The candles velcro on to the wreath)

Do you light the candles for Advent in your home? Do you have any other traditions for the Christmas season? I would love to hear your opinions about the candle holders and calendars and to take any other suggestions on where to find them. Have a Merry Christmas!


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