Making a House a Home

To me, a home is a comfortable space full of friends and family, laughter and conversation, music and tears, rest and refuge, memories and mementos, treasures and trinkets…

I work hard to make our house a home and for me, part of that is making it visually appealing and inviting. Given my artistic sensibilities I love to be surrounded by beauty and visual delight. Decorating and filling a home need not be extravagant or expensive, it need not follow trends, and it should not be dictated by fads or design “rules”.  I enjoy dreaming of paint colors, wall coverings, fabrics, and furniture. I like to arrange bookshelves and display my dishes. Spending an evening moving around furniture and exchanging one picture frame for another and seeing if this or that will work here or there is fun for me.

Recently, I wrote about a day of shopping with my mom, including going to the annual barn sale and I wanted to give you an update on how it turned out.  Although we didn’t make any purchases at the barn sale, we certainly enjoyed looking at everything there and drooling over the collection of china. Then, at our first estate sale stop, I made a small purchase…


goodies 013


goodies 018

I got the book in the middle, Anna Karenina (in a perfect shade of orange) for $1.00. Can’t beat that. I just love books (I get this from my mom!).

I also purchased something at the next estate sale we visited…something much more major and very unexpected, but that’s for another post on another day!

Here are some finds from an antique store we visited, Ye Old City

goodies 008

Cute little green pumpkin salt and pepper shakers my mom spotted and bought for me. She loves salt and pepper shakers and thought I needed these–especially for only $4.00!

I could not pass these up…

goodies 005

goodies 006

I first noticed the tall vertical painting sitting on the floor of one of the booths in the antique mall and loved it’s unusual size and shape.  Nearby I saw the black framed painting and was drawn to its unique mat and frame. My mom commented how they would look nice together. Also, these kinds of darker colors are more rare to find in landscape paintings. After seeing a half-off sign in the booth, I knew I had to bring these home with me. Of course, you must do things in threes so I hunted around the booth until I found a little companion to complete the trio. All three for under $25.00! A bargain for real paintings. In my opinion, actual paintings and original photography are so much nicer to decorate with than reproduction prints and “fake” paintings.  Don’t worry, I have some prints, too, but I love to use paintings. And as you can see, you can find them cheap if you look around!

Now to find a place to hang these…


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