Yummy Scent

My mom bought me a candle a while back that she found on sale. It is called “Good Morning” by Yankee Candle. It has a picture of a muffin on the front, but the scent is more citrus-y mixed with something I can’t quite name. Now, I have had a lot of Yankee candles in the past, but nothing can compare to this one. It is my favorite candle I have ever had (even beyond the Yankee brand) and that’s saying a lot! My mom found it on base and I have never seen it anywhere since. Yankee Candle’s website makes no mention of this candle so I assume it’s been discontinued (which is probably why she found it on clearance). I am telling you, this candle is awesome….why oh why would they ever discontinue it?? I have gotten more compliments and questions about this candle than any other. I keep it in a cabinet and just pull it out every once in a while to light. It even makes the cabinet smell good and that’s with the lid on. If you EVER see one of these candles, buy it! You can enjoy it or give it to me.



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