That’s Refreshing

It is always nice and refreshing when a news story does not center on crime, controversy, or criticism. I recently read this story on the Dallas News website: 18 Couples Share Vows in Joint Ceremony.

At Concord Church in Oak Cliff pastor Bryan Carter started a 6 week teaching series called “The Real Flava of Love” for couples. It was hailed as “six weeks to discover God’s plan for singles and how to really maximize the season of singleness.” The last lesson of the series was called “Let’s Just Live Together” and wrapped up with a challenge: if you are living together, either move out or get married. They went even farther: for couples that chose to get married the church offered to pay for the weddings: tuxes, dresses, rings, cakes, etc.  Talk about putting your money where your mouth is! Church officials told the couples everything would be arranged for them and they would be getting married in 30 days. About 30 couples signed up for the challenge and the church conducted interviews and counseling. In the end, 18 couples ended up marrying at the October 25th joint ceremony.

I don’t know anything about this church or the couples that were married in this ceremony, but I am glad that someone out there is standing up for the importance of marriage. Living together has become quite commonplace in our society. I appreciate pastor Bryan Carter for taking a stand for the sanctity of marriage.


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