This Weekend

I am excited about this upcoming weekend. Friday is an early release day at my school so I will be heading off to visit my family for a couple of days.

On Saturday my mom and I will be passing the time doing one of our favorite things: shopping. Now, don’t get the wrong idea…most of our shopping trips don’t include malls, dressing rooms and high prices. No way. Our shopping trips usually consist of hunting down garage sales, trying to follow maps to get to estate sales, haggling, and forcing large pieces of furniture in the back of my mom’s Escape. And sometimes we never even buy anything, we just look and look and discuss possibilties of all we could do with what we see.

Fun stuff!

So this Saturday we are heading to the Gresham Barn Sale for our first time. Some friends told my mom about this and it sounds great…we are excited!



If you are in the area, go check it out! I hope there is still some good stuff left on Saturday.

We are also going to check out a Divide and Conquer Estate Sale in Tyler, another estate sale and one of our favorite stores, Rega.

I hope we can make time for lunch at The Potpourri House. Oh so good!

If you are familiar with the Tyler area and have any suggestions of other shopping desitnations, let me know!


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