Wonderful Findings

I just have to share with you some blogs I have come across lately…


Two sisters, Whitney and Ashley, love to shop and love to craft! On this blog you will see all of their “shanty” turned “chic” items and projects. Too cute!


Wouldn't these dominos they made be perfect for a game room??

Wouldn't these dominos they made be perfect for a game room??

A Little Bit Vintage

Written by a stay at home mom, this blog gives inspiration to all aspiring decorators. Rachel showcases comfy, welcoming spaces with touches of whimsy and timeless elements. She also shares lots of crafty projects and has giveaways, too! In fact, she has a giveaway going on now.  Check out her daughter’s nursery….



I have been reading this blog for almost a year now. Written by Ashley, a web designer by day, it has the most wonderful collection of images. Rarely a day passes when she doesn’t share some fantastically styled home, room, or objects. If you are looking for new inspiration, this is where to find it!



Those should be enough to keep you busy for a while!


3 thoughts on “Wonderful Findings

  1. I’ve been cutting blogs from my Reader list to simplify my life, and now I’ve gone and added new ones. Not good!

  2. Kasey, I know what you mean. As if I need anything else to fill up my time! But I just keep discovering wonderful blogs…then they lead to more wonderful blogs and so on. It’s endless!

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