Tablescape Thursday #1


Susan at Between Naps on the Porch has been hosting Tablescape Thursday for quite some time now (this is her 57th one!) but this is my first time participating. I have been perusing the beautiful tablescapes for a while but have never posted anything. To be honest, I don’t do many “tablescapes”…I enjoying cooking and do it a few times a week, I love decorating and designing, and I love dishes but tablescaping takes time, effort, and lots of storage space–three things I am seriously short on. But, I decided that my tablescape doesn’t have to be elaborate or extraordinary, I can participate with what I have on hand and can “scape” in a jiffy…

Here is what dinner usually looks like at my house…

tortellini alfredo 012

At least I actually use cloth napkins (most of the time) and real plates!

My mom would be so proud.

Here is what the table will look like for dinner tomorrow night…

tablescape 032

I have not actually gotten out my Autumn decorations, but I have had this one pumpkin sitting in my china hutch since spring when I purchased him on clearance at Marshalls for $2. I am quite fond of him.

tablescape 030

tablescape 036

Now for the dishes…

tablescape 028

Placemats and napkins: Target, Napkin Rings: My grandmother

Dinner plates and glasses: Butler’s Pantry by Lenox

Salad plates: Southern Living at Home (I don’t think they sell these anymore)

Red Bread/Appetizer Plates: Pavillion by Princess House

Silverware by Towle

Here you can see the fabric I used in the middle of the table a bit better…

tablescape 031

tablescape 023

One last picture…

tablescape 035


22 thoughts on “Tablescape Thursday #1

  1. Hi Michelle,
    Well, good job! That’s a very pretty table you’ve set. I believe in real plates and cloth napkins, too. It makes the whole meal (even hot dogs!) more pleasant.
    You will find more ways to set that table with what you’ve got than you can believe right now! This TT is very addicting!
    Hope you’ll come by for visit.
    Heidi – Heart and Home

  2. Welcome to Tablescape Thursdays! Your table is beautifully done. It took me a minute to figure out that the top was glass – I was thinking that your dishes were perched awfully close to the edge of the wicker – lol


  3. Hi Michelle!
    Ooooo! This is great! Thanks for sharing! You did a great job, and welcome to TT! (Tablescape Thursdays!) Come by and check out my giveaway – I think you’ll like them! 🙂

  4. Beautiful, inviting table! Welcome to TT. It is such a fun event each week and keeps the creative juices flowing. Always fun to visit each post and see what others design. Thanks for sharing in the fun. ~ Sarah

  5. You have done a lovely job for your first ‘scape! Even without a lot of fall decorations, your table has that feel. Love that white pumpkin bowl…have been on the look out for some of those! Too bad we don’t have Marshalls in Canada! It is so true, you don’t have to be fancy or elaborate to participate in TT…it is just all about having fun! So glad you joined in!


  6. Hi Michelle, I don’t post table scapes but I look forward everyweek to seeing those that do post. I have to tell you something funny (I’m so shallow- but I have to laugh at myself). lol – When I looked at your tablescape, I asked myself “why in the world is she trying to balance those plates on a table with a hole in the center?” I’m not about to tell you how long it took me to realize it was a table with a glass top! How silly!!! I did enjoy your tablescape and hope you will post more. I also REALLY enjoyed going to your favorite spots. I live with a lady (my mother) who loves fabric and sews constantly. I will be showing her your fabric sights! I’m still working on listening to some of the “talks” on the ministry sites. Thank you for posting, you have made my day!

  7. I love it! I am on the look-out right now for a buffet cabinet, and then I want to start finding more dish sets (right now I only have Ghee’s wedding china, and then my cheap stuff). I’m so inspired!

  8. Hi and welcome to TT 🙂 Your dishes are so pretty, I love how you’ve layered all the different shapes, that is so effective. Your table looks so warm and cozy, bet dinner tomorrow will be a treat 🙂

  9. Hello Michelle,

    This is my first Tablescape Thursday also. You did a fabulous job! Your table is very warm and inviting.

    Thank you for sharing it with us!

    ~ Tracy

  10. BRAVO!! Girl for your first one it just lovely…I loved seeing it and you are so right all these TT take up alot of cupboad space ha ha!! I’m glad I found your blog…very lovely my friend…May you have a great weekend…Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  11. Thank you all for your wonderful comments. Looking back on my post I can see how horrid my pictures really are–I need to brush up on my photography skills. Oh well. I do appreciate you all coming by to visit and giving me such a warm welcome to my first Tablescape Thursday. I hope to visit each of your blogs soon to see your lovely tables!

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