Dance Movies

I am a sucker for dance movies. Just ask Jason. With Patrick Swayze’s recent passing and with me being sick in bed all weekend, I seized the opportunity to pay tribute to my favorite dance movie of all time–Dirty Dancing. I have probably watched this DVD close to a 100 times. I am surprised it still works.




Nobody puts Baby in a corner.

Other  great (even if sometimes cheesy) dance movies you should check out…

danceSave the Last Dance. I don’t own this one, but a good friend does so I still get to watch it about once a year. Julia Stiles has been one of my favorite actresses ever since 10 Things I Hate About You. I even have her autograph.


Coyote Ugly. Okay, this one has some questionable moral issues (almost every movie does) but the dancing is amazing. I once saw a behind the scenes thing about Coyote Ugly…I mean, come on, it’s not easy to dance on a bar.


Shall We Dance. Here you go, finally one that’s not about teenagers and twenty year olds. And this one if about ballroom dancing…oh so pretty. Love the ending.

dance4Take the Lead. Antonio Banderas tries to reach inner-city kids with ballroom dancing. Think Freedom Writers, Stand and Deliver, Dangerous Minds, and Mr. Holland’s Opus, except with dancing.

dance 5Swing Kids. This one came out in the early 90s but I didn’t see it until highschool and it helped fuel my infatuation with Christian Bale (first gained when watching Little Women). But really, this is a good movie even if you don’t like dance movies.

dance6Bring it On. Yes, this one is a teeny bopper movie and yes, it’s cheerleading and not dance, but it’s close enough. This came out my last year in high school and I am not afraid to admit I like it. But, I can’t speak for the several sequels they have made–haven’t seen those.

Two dance movies I don’t recommend…

dance 7Center Stage.

dance8The Company.

Any other suggestions? Agree? Disagree?


3 thoughts on “Dance Movies

  1. I know what you mean Ashley…it’s definitely something I wish they had left out of the movie. I am glad they show the “ugly” side of it and the fact that it was painful physically and emotionally, but the movie did pretty much condone it.

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