According to Wesbters scrumptious means delightful and excellent. Well, have I got something scrumptious for you. Not only is this blog delightful, but excellent to boot.

Joni Webb is an interior designer based in Houston who is a connoisseur of French (among other styles) design. Her blog, Cote De Texas, (that’s French for coast of Texas) is one of my absolute favorites. She posts often and she posts well. Her pictures (where does she find them all??) are to die for and she has introduced me to many lovely, pretty things. Her personal style is seagrass, linen, slipcovers, and all things French. But even more than that, she invites readers in to homes of all shapes and sizes. Check it out. You won’t be disappointed.

Here is a little taste…

joni 2

joni 3

joni w

joni webb

All images are Joni Webb’s work and taken from her website.

Thanks to Kasey for first directing me to the Cote de Texas blog!


2 thoughts on “Scrumptious

  1. Don’t you just love her blog? Makes me want to completely redo my house! And Joni is so nice, too. Each time I leave a comment, she comes to my blog and comments back.

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