easy peasy lemon squeezey

August 2009 019

I first had Hershey pie back one night when Emily brought it to Stephanie‘s old apartment (this was before Steph packed up and left us Dallasites for SA). Anyway, it was soooo good even though Emily claimed the pie didn’t “set” correctly. Clearly none of us minded since we just about licked the pie plates clean. Well, turns out that Hershey pie is just about the easiest dessert you can make and I have been making it ever sense. Here’s the original recipe…


Large Hershey Bar

Tub of Cool Whip (from the fridge, not the freezer)

Graham Cracker Crust

Directions: Set Cool Whip out on counter. Break chocolate into pieces and microwave in 30 second intervals until melted. Stir in Cool Whip. Spoon into crust. Freeze. Set out about 15 minutes before serving. Enjoy.

August 2009 025

Since trying Emily’s original recipe, I have actually experimented with several variations. The pie pictured on this page was made with an Endangered Species organic milk chocolate bar and about a handful of semi-sweet chocolate chips rather than the Hershey bar. I started with the large size graham cracker crust and put a layer of chocolate syrup on the bottom. On top of the syrup I layered Anna’s Chocolate Mint Thins. I also used two tubs of Cool Whip because I had purchased the large size crust. After spooning in the filling I topped the pie with more crushed cookies. Yummy!

For Jason’s birthday last April I was feeling very adventurous and actually made my own crust. I used Keebler Grasshopper cookies to make the crust so it would have a mint-y flavor (can you tell I like mint).

This summer, for my Mom’s birthday, I made a Heath bar version of this pie. On top of the crust I did a layer of caramel and simply mixed in crushed Heath bar bits into the pie filling and topped with additional pieces of crushed candy.

I have also made the pie using a ready made Oreo crust.

No matter what spin you put on it, this dessert is easy and always a crowd pleaser.


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