Coffee Table Update

A while back I blogged about needing wanting a coffee table.  About a month after that post, my mom and I happened upon a table at Rega. This is one of our favorite stores and we try to pop in everytime we go to Tyler. You never know what new things might be in there.  The table was originally marked $175 but on sale for $100. Since it had some dings (Rega is a consignment store so this is used furniture we are talking about) and was not the color I wanted (it was an off-white color), I was hesitant to pay $100. But, the table met ALL my other requirements… oval, not too bulky, and a glass top. Kate, the owner of the shop, noticed us looking at it and pointed us to a large sign indicating all yellow dot items were 50% off. Lo and behold the table had a yellow dot. I decided it was my table. After looking at tables for months, I knew $50 was worth it. Nothing I had seen came close to what I wanted as much as this table. After hauling it to my parents house then to my house, my mom and I painted the table the same color as my dining table and hutch. Goldenrod Tea.

The finished product…

August 2009 003

August 2009 007

As always, the color seems to be a little off in the photos–the coffee table is not as bright in person. I got the small brown and white vase in Ecuador. They had that pottery everywhere but this was the only piece I saw with that particular decoration. I think it goes really well in my living room. The three mirrors above the couch were also new additions this summer. I had not ever hung anything above the couch after painting last year, but found these mirrors and thought they were great. The picture doesn’t do them justice. One last addition…

August 2009 008

My grandmother had loaned me a painting a while back to hang above my fireplace but I knew I eventually wanted to paint one of my own. A few weeks ago while my mom was visiting we put in Anne of Green Gables on the DVD player and I cranked out this picture. I am very pleased with it, although I will probably do some color adjustments (especially to the leaves) in the future. You can see another picture of the painting here in one of my graduation photos.


6 thoughts on “Coffee Table Update

  1. I LOVE the table! What a good deal too. The painting is beautiful as well. You are so talented!

    On a side note, how is your rug holding up? I found one that is the same brand that I’m considering for my house.

  2. Oh, I love the table and painting too! Such a great job!

    And by the way, I was in Target for the first time in months on Saturday and I saw your rug… I groaned for you when I saw that it had been reduced to $35.

  3. I have not seem them reduced like that either, but if so it’s a great deal! I check often b/c there is a small size I have been contemplating getting. There is, however, a rug very similar at Target but is a different material that’s much cheaper.

    And Kasey, it has held up well. I have been very pleased with the decision. They have a couple of new patterns out now that I have seen. Love them!

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