In June I had the incredible opportunity to travel to Ecuador for a 10 day mission trip. Many of you prayed for me and even contributed financially to my trip and I truly, truly appreciate your support. I had a wonderful time and learned so much about myself, our awesome God, and the people of Ecuador. It was both incredible and humbling to be able to minister in another country. Here are some highlights of our trip…

Ecuador collage

Ecuador collage2

While in Ecuador, I participated in many projects. The two main things we did were conduct medical screenings and health classes at local elementary schools and a construction project at a local church. I was on the team that did the screenings/classes. Basically, we would go in a school and teach the kids about health, hygiene, nutrition,  and dental care then we would do medical screenings of the kids. We had two nurses on our team and local doctors also assisted us. Occasionally we were also given the opportunity to teach health/hygiene/nutrition classes to adults and give them screenings, also. We also conducted one of these clinics at a church and one in somone’s “backyard.” I had the opportunity to interact and play with many of the children while they were waiting in line for their medical screenings.

I also, along with two of our other team members, visited a local nursing home. There we passed out gifts and simply tried to love on the residents. We washed and combed their hair and rubbed their hands with lotion. They were genuinely happy to simply have visitors. Another day, with the same people, I went to a detention facitlity for teenage girls. We were able to participate in their weekly bible study and worship time and also took them gifts. Even with a language barrier, it was great to talk and laugh with the girls.

During the week we also did other various projects such as painting at a local church, prayer walking, a little sightseeing, and attended various services at local churches. We also had the opportunity to spend one night at a Christian camp that was on the beach.

I thank God for knitting our team so tightly together and providing us with health and safety throughout our trip. We were able to accomplish a lot, but even more than that, we were incredibly blessed by the gratutiude, compassion, and warmth of the people we encontered. Going on a mission trip helps reinforce a global mindset and refreshes our minds about how sovereign and vast God is…I hope I get to return next year!

See more pictures from my trip on my Facebook page.


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