Confession time. I don’t have HD or DVR. I don’t have a Blu Ray player or a flat screen TV. I certainly don’t have digital capabilities. I don’t even have cable. Heck, I don’t even have a decent antenna. I get about 8 channels, three of which are very fuzzy, two of which are in Spanish, and one is “religious”. Come June 12, my TV will sit in mourning, only capable of playing DVDs on the same DVD player I won at Project Graduation 9 years ago. (Wow–did I really graduate from high school 9 years ago?!? Scary!)

My husband would very much appreciate getting a new TV. I am not convinced. We don’t watch TV much and having zero channels will give me more of a reason to go hang out and watch Grey’s at Emily’s house on her giant, “you can see every pore on someone’s face” TV.  

BUT. I might could be persuaded if my TV setup looked something like this…



or this…




But we all now this is never reality. In reality, you have cables and surround sound speakers, DVD players and stereo receivers. Playstation consoles and controllers– bundles of things Jason insists must be present for our TV to function properly. But, a girl can dream.


3 thoughts on “Confession

  1. I love the framed TV!

    David doesn’t understand why I want our TV/DVR/Blue Ray Player/XBox 360 inside an entertainment center that has doors. Um, hello? I don’t want to look at all those wires! Please let me be able to close the doors and hide everything!

  2. I have heard of Hulu and I have watched a few things on there. I would probably watch more if our computer setup was a little more comfortable. Oh, how I want a new laptop!

    Also, an update….we did finally get one of those converter box things, but Jason has yet to hook it up. And we actually got it for free. A friend bought it but then decided to just go ahead and buy a new TV so we inherited the converter box. So, waiting till the last minutes worked in out favor (this time!).

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