Decorating 101

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While I already have a rug that really ties the room together, I need something to sit on that rug. For a while I resisted the idea of a coffee table, but it would make the room much more functional and inviting to guests. If you get stuck sitting in the middle of the couch, there is no place to put your drink. And we all know that decorating 101 teaches us that every place to sit needs a place to put a drink. My mom would be very disappointed that I am currently breaking that rule.

Here is what I like…

table 1

love the glass top, the oval shape, and unusual legs

table 2

so unique!

table 3

great detailing, but a little small

coffee table 1

nice, clean lines

table 2

putting two small tables together is an idea

images via decorology

table 3

great shape, but would want a glass top

coffee table 2

love, love, love this!

table 4

nice size, makes a statement and has a glass top

table 5

would add a little frill to my room

table 6

too bad you can't see this one very well, but it's a great, simple little table. metal with a glass top.

images via Southern Living


  1. light and airy, not bulky
  2. rounded edges, or at least not just a boring square
  3. glass top or some design where the rug is not totally hidden
  4. not too big and not too small
  5. affordable!
  6. natural colors, non-shiny metal, but not super stark black
  7. unique

I have already checked out Pottery Barn, Target, IKEA, CB2, West Elm, and Crate & Barrel…nothing at any of those I want or can afford. I am actually hoping to find a table at a consignment store, garage/estate sale, or maybe even out of someone’s house?? Let me know if you see anything…


3 thoughts on “Decorating 101

  1. My mom had a glass top coffee table and it was always my job to clean it. I vowed to never own a glass top table of my own. : ) I’ll keep an eye out for one for you.

  2. That was always my job, too. But since I am already cleaning my my glass top side table and my glass top dining table, one more surface to clean won’t matter much to me! : ) Thanks for keeping your eyes oout for me!

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