Exciting Opportunity

This summer I will be adding my third stamp to my passport.



On June 22, I leave for Ecuador on a mission trip with about 8 other people. I will be in Guayaquil and Quito for 10 days assisting local missionaries with various ministries. Among other things, we will be helping with a medical clinic, assisting as needed with a new house church, and working alongside a missionary lady who works with former prostitutes from the streets.  I am very excited about this opportunity and look forward to participating in my first international mission trip.



I think there is great value in going on short term mission trips, especially when working alongside local missionaries and established ministries. Not only does it provide the visitor with an eye-opening look at the global cause for Christ, but allows Christians to uplift, encourage, and help missionaries who live in a culture not their own day in and day out. Many missionaries depend on the labor that comes from short term mission trips. I am happy to be able to assist the people who have dedicated their lives to full time mission service in other countries. I am equally excited about meeting the people of Ecuador, loving on the children during VBS, and showing Christ’s love in every way possible.

If you would join me in praying for this trip, I would be very appreciative. Here are some specific requests:

  • Travel safety and no trouble entering/exiting the country
  • Health and stamina for group members, protection against unfamiliar bacterias and sicknesses
  • For our hearts to be softened and turned toward the people of Ecuador
  • For the communication barrier to be overcome and that we are sensitive to cultural differences and customs
  • That our team can be helpers alongside the local missionaries and posses a true servants heart
  • That we will be aware of the needs around us and open our eyes to the opportunity to share God’s love and the message of Christ

Additionally, if you would like to help me make this trip financially possible, I could gratefully use your help. Please send any financial contributions to:

Providence Church

3845 N. Garland Ave.

Garland, TX, 75040

(Please write “Ecuador” on the memo line of your check).


Thank you for your prayers and support! Please check back in early July for posts and pictures about the trip.


4 thoughts on “Exciting Opportunity

  1. Hooray for Quito! You will fall deeply in love with this city– all of this country! The people are genuine and generous, and anxious to drink deep the love of Christ. I am so excited for you… and maybe a little jealous, too!

  2. Thank you to both of you! I (and the whole group) appreciate your prayers. I am really, really excited about this trip. I am so blessed to be going with a group of people with deep hearts for the people of Ecuador and a commitment to mission work.

  3. Quito looks like a beautiful place! I will definitely be praying for you – I’m going to put it on my calendar. I think our church is taking a mission trip to Ecuador this summer also.

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