A Special Kind of Love

In the past couple of weeks I have known two families that have had placements in their homes. Just a few more months and the adoptions will be complete and 5 more children will have a forever family. Two different stories, but both with a special kind of love.

Meet the Aguilera family…


Isabella Aguilera is one of my students and her family has just adopted three boys from Nigeria: 12-year-old Gideon, 10-year-old Gaberial and 5-year-old Iyaji. This adoption came about from a medical mission trip that dad, Dan, and son, Dylan (who was my student for the past two years) went on to the Ministry of Mercy orphanage. Their plan was never to adopt, but after coming back home, Dylan (9 years old) could not forget how Gaberial had asked to come home with him. Now two years later, not only Gaberial, but also Gideon and Iyaji, have a new home in the United States.  The Aguileras are also trying to adopt a little girl from the same orphanage, which will make them a family of 9. For more information, please visit Zoya Ministries.

Meet the Camp family…



The Camp family (we go to church together) is made up of dad Eric and mom Missy along with daughters Brittany, Allison, Mariah, Mackenzie, and Madison. Already a large family according to the world’s standards, this wonderful family decided to open their home to two brothers currently in the state foster care system. On Thursday the placement of Jonathan and Malik will be final. They have found a forever family with the Camps. About a year ago, Missy first got the thought of adoption from watching a special segment of A Child to Love. After months of paperwork, training classes, preparation, meetings, and waiting God has provided two additions to their family. For more information visit Texas Adoption Resource Exchange.

Praise the LORD for these two families and their willingness to step out of the box and make a difference in the life of a child. What makes these adoptions even more special is the age of the adopted children. Many older children (5+) stay in foster care for years because people typically adopt babies and very young children. But, children never outgrow the need for parents.


2 thoughts on “A Special Kind of Love

  1. I went to one seminar that said international adoption can be anywhere from $5,000-40,000. It really varies based on a lot of things (the country, age of the child, the agency, the orphanage, etc.). But, unfortunately, there is a lot of corruption in the international adoption world, especially when adopting infants. You have to really make sure everything is on the up and up.

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