Team Connor

I have a student, Connor, who has been battling cancer since he was 4 years old. He is now 8. Imagine that–having cancer for half of your life. For half of your childhood. This is my third year to have Connor as a student in art, so, of course, I have only known him as fighting this sickness. I also teach Connor’s younger brother, Carson. This family is incredible–their faith is an inspiration to many.

Connor is a picture of perseverance. I have seen him return to school right after chemo treatments. I have seen him take a couple minutes out of class to swallow large amounts of very large pills. I have seen him come to school with a feeding tube. I have seen him without hair. I have seen him fight for life.

For a while, the family thought Connor was out of the woods, but recently it has become apparent that the neuroblastoma is not only still very prevalent in his body, but that Connor’s tumor is growing.

Here is the latest update from Connor’s mom, Joy…

 Monday, April 6, 2009 5:49 PM CDT
We are flying to Houston tonight and Connor will get his first IV dose  of cetuximab tomorrow morning.  We will be coming home tomorrow in the  late afternoon.  I believe Connor will start his oral chemo tomorrow,  also.  I don’t know that for sure, though.  Here are the specific  prayer requests

1.  Pray this treatment works to kill and shrink the tumor.  Tait and I feel really good about this new plan.

2.  Pray Connor will get a rash.  (sounds crazy I know). Cetuximabworks on the epidermal receptor on this tumor, but your skin is also an epidermal layer.  If he gets a rash on his skin that means the drug is working on the outside epidermal layer, which also means its working on the inside epidermal receptor.

3.  Pray that God continues to protect his organs from the invasion of this tumor. God has remained faithful so far.  Connor’s digestive system continues to work.

4.  Pray for Connor’s strength and stamina, and his joyful spirit to continue.

5.  Pray for our strength and endurance as a family.

6.  Pray we spread God’s love and hope to other we meet.

I know that this is not the quick solution from God that we wanted,  but I know that God is still Good! After we received the news about  the tumor still progressing, I prayed that God would reveal Himself to  me. Show me some answers to my many questions. I told my mom that it seems like He is just not answering our prayers right now, He seems  inactive. After this
conversation with my mom, I started my bible study for the week, which was on Esther. I felt like this lesson was speaking right to me and my situation. I will share with you some  quotes from the study.

“When God’s voice can’t be heard, His hand can be seen.  God is at work behind the  scenes, protecting His people.  He uses people to accomplish His plan, and His timing is always perfect. Spiritual tenacity means to work deliberately on the certainty that God is not going to be worsted.  One of the greatest strains in life is the strain of waiting for God.  Remain spiritually tenacious.”   Oswald Chambers.

“At times, God seems to stand in the shadows.  But given a chance,

wouldn’t we much rather experience Him standing in the light?  We feel more confident when we can see Him clearly, assured that everything will work out for good.  But if the book of Esther teaches us anything, it is that sometimes God works incognito- though just as mightily as ever – with His
providence concealed.  God’s unseen hand at work is a Timeless Principle.”

“But no matter how hard we look and listen, there are times in life when God remains hidden.  Often we think it is failure on our part – that we must not have tried hard enough.  But we have to understand that silence and mystery are part of the nature of God.  And it is in those times that we must trust what we cannot see – His faithfulness – and hope for what we
cannot feel – His mercy.  Even in the darkness, we can rest in His love.”

WOW!  Even in this dark time, God is still faithful to reassure me with messages from His Word.  What a great God we serve!


Please join me in praying for Connor. Visit these sites for more information:



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