Free Stuff

If you haven’t discovered or tried Redbox, I encourage you to do so. $1 for a move rental is a steal, especially compared to Blockbuster. I know, I know, some of you are on the Netflix bandwagon and that’s a great deal, too. Believe me, if Jason would give the okay, I would sign up for Netflix, too. But, with our budget trimmed to the max, Redbox will do for us for now. Especially on Mondays for free rentals. Yes, that’s right. Free Redbox rentals on Mondays. Here what you do:

  • Every Monday, visit this website
  • Wait for the Redbox post and write down the free code
  • Visit your nearest Redbox and follow onscreen instructions to enter the code
  • If you want more than one movie, simply do more than one transaction, but you will need more than one debit/credit card, as each account number only gets to use the offer once
  • Return movies the next day at any Redbox location and your account will not be billed the $1 Redbox fee

I check the website periodically throughout the day. When the post is up, I jot the code down on a PostIt (one of the greatest inventions ever). After work, I pass a Walgreens with a Redbox, so I pull in and usually rent two movies. I simply use my debit card then my credit card. Also, if there is someone waiting for me, I pass along the code to them. No reason not to share the love. Since hearing about the free code (Thanks Kasey!), I have seen:

Tonight’s selections…


3 thoughts on “Free Stuff

  1. Yes, it’s fun! Although, last night I discovered there is not enough time to watch two in one evening by the time I get home from work. I had been renting two each Monday over the holidays, but I will have to just get one now. I only made it through Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

    I declare Mondays as “Movie Night.”

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