For a myriad of reasons, it has been a while since I have posted. There’s nothing much to update, but I will share a few quick hits…

  • Jason and I attended an adoption conference at Irving Bible Church. It only served to spur us further toward adoption and we are still headed in that direction; however, I don’t think anything major will happen until spring time. At this point we are planning on attending training in January then completing our application packet.
  • I recently found out I will be graduating in August. I was hoping it would be in May but that would require taking 3 classes this spring which I am not willing/able to do. This means my comps will take place in the middle of June so around that time you will not be seeing/hearing much from me!
  • Since I will be graduating in August, I have learned of a potential opportunity to participate in a travel study to Ghana. It takes place in July and consists of learning traditional art forms alongside village artisans. It is a long shot that I would actually be able to go, but it would be amazing.
  • I am also keeping my eyes peeled for a foreign mission opportunity for next summer. I have been on several stateside mission trips, but none in about four years. I would love the experience of seeing God’s work being done among other cultures and in other places while also getting to participate in that process.
  • I started yoga 3 weeks ago and is it sad that I was so sore after my first session I could barely roll out of bed the next morning? My chiropractor assures me that it’s normal and that even she, as a lover of all things healthy and fitness related, was sore when she first started yoga, but she could have just been trying to make me feel better. Soreness aside, I have enjoyed the class and encourage you to try it out!
  • I am immensely looking forward to Thanksgiving. It is pretty much my favorite holiday.

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