Recently I have noticed what I thought to be a significant increase of motorcycles (and even scooters) on the road. I mean I have gone from seeing a motorcycle here and there and a scooter almost never to seeing them both daily…repeatedly. So, I decided to count how many I saw on my way home from work this afternoon. 11 bikes and 2 scooters! That’s a lot. And I don’t have a very long commute. And that’s no highway driving. And I didn’t even count the ones in the Yamaha store parking lot!

Also, have you ever noticed the camaraderie between motorcyclists? Their kinda like Aggies in that way. No matter how different they may be, they have a common bond–a bike. So, they always wave to each other. No other group of motorists does this. It’s not like I go down the road waving to all other Honda Accord owners. But, you can always count on one biker to give a wave or the “what’s up” nod to another biker. I guess it’s an unspoken brotherhood or something.

A sidenote that’s only related by virtue of being about motorcycles: While in high school on a road trip with friends, I declared I would one day definitely marry a guy that owned a bike (I am sure this was after passing some cute guy on a bike). My friend Matt kinda laughed at the thought (seeing as how I had never even been on a motorcycle), but I assured him that this would definitely one day become true. It became somewhat of a joke from then on and was always brought up whenever I had a new crush. But, I showed them, didn’t I.


2 thoughts on “Observation

  1. Allegedly, chicks dig guys with bikes. I had to work that much harder because I got married prior to having my Harley.

    I must say, I do love the motorcycle camaraderie. In fact, the other day I was in my car and I noticed the subtle wave between two bikers reprimanded myself for not riding more.

    What’s neat is the diversity of bikers, yet the uniformity of practice.

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