Why Not You?

Did you know that there are more than 6,000 kids eligible for adoption in the Texas’ foster care system? And this number increases all the time, with more and more children finding themselves without homes, without parents, and some without any family at all. I know that adoption is popular right now among celebrities–it’s as if an adopted child from a faraway place has become the newest accessory. But, I ask you, why not you? We have thousands of kids within miles of our own comfortable homes that go to sleep each night without anyone to kiss them goodnight. Coming from a loving home with two wonderful parents, it is difficult, probably impossible, for me to imagine such an existence, but I can tell you it breaks my heart to think of such a possibility. Take a look at the Texas Adoption Resource Exchange for more information–it just might break your heart as much as it has mine. Then as Jason and I have done, ask yourself, why not you?


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