Product Reviews #1

A while back, I promised some product reviews–here is my first batch…

Alba Hawaiian I tried a few products from this line (made by Avalon)–some good, some not so great.

  • First, the lip balm (I opted for “pineapple quench“). I LOVE the smell of this lip balm, but it has a little bit of a gritty texture. Not good for wearing with lipstick or lip gloss but better suited for a day out by the pool, except that it has no sun protection. It does leave lips smooth, although the feeling doesn’t last and last and requires frequent application. I will probably continue buying this as a substitute for my Burt’s Bees when I want a change.
  • Mango Hair Wash: While this product is paraben free, it has artificial fragrance, which is a major drawback for me. Alas, it doesn’t matter anyway because I will not be buying this shampoo again. While the smell is tropical and yummy, the way it left my hair feeling was not so good. I had been warned about Alba shampoo but thought I would try it anyway…don’t waste your money.
  • Mango Conditioner: Much better than the shampoo, this product not only has a good scent but actually seems to work fairly well. But, I think I will continue my hunt for a good shampoo and conditioner from the same product line.
  • Cocoa Butter Hand & Body Lotion: Once again this product has fragrance but did not irritate my normally sensitive skin. I used this lotion while away for a lake weekend and I loved the suntan-lotiony scent after coming in from the pool and relaxing on the balcony. Steph and I both gave it the seal of approval.
  • By far, my favorite Alba product so far is the Papaya Mango Exfoliating Body Wash. I love the scent, the scrubby factor (it has a grittiness to it which is perfect after a swim) and the foaming action. When coming out of the bottle, it is a little runny but does create a nice lather when used with a mesh sponge.

Moving on to Burt’s Bees, let’s discuss their lip balms…

  • Beeswax Lip Balm: The most popular of the BB lip balm family, but has recently been dethroned as my favorite. What can I say? Burt’s Bees products are natural and great. This lip balm has a good scent and is great for wearing alone…I think it’s a little thick for layering with lipstick or gloss. I particularly like this lip balm for cold weather or windy days.
  • Honey Lip Balm: Call me crazy, but honey is just not one of my favorite scents or flavors so it stands to reason that this is my least-favorite balm. However, it provides a light coverage with a shine to it, perfect for day wear and leaves lips kissably soft.
  • Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil: My favorite! I only recently decided to try this lip balm and it quickly became my favorite…I am almost out of it! A light lip balm that moisturizes and can even be worn under gloss or lipstick, it has a nice scent and keeps lips smooth for along time.

Avalon Organics: Tea Tree Scalp Treatment Shampoo. Ocassionally I battle dry scalp (especially in winter) and bought this shampoo hoping it would help my skin. While the shampoo feels wonderful on your hand and does revitalize your scalp, I could not take the scent. It was strong and it gives me an instant headache…I used the shampoo a couple of times because I love the way it works and feels on your head, but I just could not handle the scent any longer. One positive is that your hair does not feel course or gritty after using it, like many scalp treatment shampoos do. I gave it to Jason–he very much enjoys it and has no problem with the strong scent.


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