Livin’ on a budget

Jason and I are definitely not the type of people that eat out every meal (I do actually cook, people) but we do enjoy dining out. But, we also live on a budget. How do those two things mesh, you may ask. Allow me to share how we accomplish this (that is, besides the plethora of gift cards we receive from family and my students as Christmas gifts). E-mail. Yes, it’s that simple, folks. If you have an e-mail account, you too can dine in style without spending a ton.

Those of you who know me know how, um, we’ll say frugal my husband can be. So, the e-mail sign up from out favorite restaurants serves as the perfect solution for us. (We also use coupons a lot, but that’s for another post). All you have to do is visit the websites for your favorite restaurants and see if they have a mailing list. If so, put yourself on it!

Here are our favorites…

Bennigan’s We just went here last night and enjoyed a BOGO free entree’ thanks to a birthday e-mail for Jason. Also, they are having a “donate $1, get an appetizer” special and their “3 course combo” special. Our meal included: 2 waters, mozzarella sticks appetizer, quesadilla appetizer, 2 orders of Cajun Chicken Pasta, and 1 Death by Chocolate dessert all for the low price of around $12 (not including tip). And we brought home food for at least 3 more lunches.

Souper Salad Souper Salad has had several price increases over the past couple of years, but we still love going there and it’s fresh and yummy. They send out BOGO birthday e0mails, also, and other occasional offers.

Steak & Ale One of our all-time favorite restaurants. You can’t beat the dark bread, excellent salad bar, and the Kensington Club steak. They send out BOGO offers for birthdays and anniversaries.

Red Lobster Their offers are not as great as the first three, but it will still save you some money.

**I do recommend creating an alternate e-mail account other than your primary ISP account for signing up for offers such as these. Yahoo! is a great choice and it will keep your home inbox from getting insanely full. And, in case these restaurants share your information, they won’t be sharing your primary e-mail address.**


2 thoughts on “Livin’ on a budget

  1. Hey! I just found this post. On the Border and Red Robin also send coupons. I too have an alternate email for all the stores and businesses that request my email address. It helps a lot.

    I miss Steak and Ale!

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