Warning: Soap Box

As a teacher and a student, I end up sitting in a lot of meetings and lectures. Recently, I have noticed, increasingly, that there are a lot of people in these settings who sit and peck away on their phones. They don’t hide it either. Now, are they ignoring (and being disrespectful to) the speaker and sitting there texting with their friends? Are they taking diligent notes about the lecture? Are they checking their email? If this is a church setting, are they looking up a scripture reference on their Bible software? Who’s to know, really? Perhaps I am being a pessimist, but when I look around and see these people tapping away at their screens, I can’t help but think they are probably not taking diligent notes. Does this bother anyone else? It really irks me to be talking to a group of colleagues and notice that one of them is sitting, head down, obliviously typing away. I mean, come on, are you that important? I tend to think not.

While on the subject, let me tell you something else I could live without–earpieces. Many times someone has come in where I work to sign in and will say something but are they talking to me…you know, the person right in front of them at the place they just walked into…nooooo, of course they are not. They are talking to someone on their silly little earpiece that is, of course, in the opposite ear of what I can see, thus making me look like the idiot when they look up, seeing me sitting there and gesture (while laughing) to the side of their head, indicating they are on a call and not actually saying hello to me. Silly me…I should have known not to say hello.  

This just goes along with my whole hang up of cell phone etiquette and courtesy. Unfortunately, people have just gotten really self-absorbed and downright rude when it comes to cell phones. I certainly am not free from error and have most certainly committed some faux pas at one time or another, but I do try to be conscientious of others. However, there seems no end to the amount of audacity people can show when a cell phone is plastered to the side of their head.


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