Sanctity of Human Life


This week has been declared “Sanctity of Human Life Week“, in addition to this year being the 35th anniversary of the legalization of abortion in the United States. While I did read that abortion rates are actually down this year of the anniversary, there are still over an estimated million abortions done each year. Thomas Jefferson wrote that, “the care of human life and happiness and not their destruction is the first and only legitimate object of good government.” I believe Mr. Jefferson would be extremely disappointed in the downward moral spiral of this country. No longer can our government declare that their object is the care of human life, not as long as our nation accepts, and often encourages, infanticide.

During this week, Christians can promote the sanctity of human life, they can have a more focused prayer time, they can write letters to officials, they can hand out promotional materials and educational literature, and they can even protest or picket (peacefully) at clinics across the country, but have you ever wondered about a more tangible response to the atrocities of abortion? Do you ever feel that it’s just isn’t enough? Tony Felich over at Reepicheep has penned a great post on this very issue…

Trying to directly confront the abortion issue was important to us as we pursue this adoption. If every Christian family did their best to adopt one child domestically, we would put an excruciating pressure on a system that actually has a shortage of adoptable babies. Adoption is so expensive ($15-20K “up front”, there is a $10k tax credit that can be recovered) because of the limited supply of babies caused by over a million abortions per year (yes, a million abortions…let that number sink in). Further, we could create a culture where birth mothers could know that carrying their babies to term, rather than killing them, would be supported with loving adoptive parents. Many young girls today are convinced by “counselors” the baby would have a horrible life, etc. All sorts of lies are told to end pregnancies. We have been told we might wait 12-18 months for our baby. Why is this so? Supply is down because of abortion-period.

Many people adopt internationally to meet the need for orphans to be cared for. This is also a very biblical and worthy reason for Christians to adopt. We thought about an international adoption, but in the end, we decided adopting domestically would contribute more directly to stemming the slaughter that is working to take down our nation. I know, just one baby….but imagine if many more Christians would ask God to guide them and provide for them in this area.
Be sure to visit the site for the full post. Tony presents an interesting argument and one that I think every Christian has a responsibility to at least consider. Jason and I have often discussed the idea of adoption and the what ifs. Perhaps it should no longer be a discussion but a plan.

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