Those of you close to me know how much I love to redecorate…well, I think it’s that time again! I have had my current throw pillows, chair cushions, and window treatments for more than five years. Not only are they starting to show a lot of wear (because the fabric I chose was not very heavy duty) but I have changed my tastes over the past couple of years. Currently, (well, currently before my house was in shambles) I have a cottagey, casual look. I want a warmer, sophisticated look. Here’s the deal….

what I have to work with:

  • Furniture: no money to buy furniture = use what you have
    • green couches will stay
    • dining table will stay but be painted black
    • console table will be painted black
    • kitchen hutch my mom got in garage sale will be painted black and put in the dining area
    • 2 wicker side chairs from my mom will be painted red and put in living room
    • coffee/end tables?? not sure what to do here yet but I have one natural bamboo table I can bring in
    • wood entertainment center from master bedroom is moving to living room
    • no longer going to use: recliner (if I can convince Jason), tall wicker shelf, black stereo cabinets and tv stand
  • Paint: as mentioned, we should be painting soon
    • walls: tan, trim: white, accent in kitchen: red
  • Floors
    • new laminate wood flooring is pictured below
    • new tile will be a neutral (in the tan family)

This leaves all the accessories, window treatments and fabric choices. I have slowly been collecting some new accessories to use…

Here are some fabrics I am interested in…
127565fpx.jpg 47526fpx.jpg 103239fpx.jpg

(all fabrics are from

Some other items I have my eye on:

A sunburst mirror

Black polka dot candlesticks

Leopard print pillow



2 thoughts on “REdecorating

  1. I love the idea of going black on furniture. My favorites in the fabric areas are the last two and the middle one on top. I especially love the last one, but I figure Jason will be less convinced of it.

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