My House = A Mess

Jason and I have been doing a few small remodel projects to our home lately which means we are pretty much living amidst chaos. Things are torn apart, there is dust and drywall pieces everywhere, various tools and random objects are lying about, and there is nowhere to sit in the living room right now. Below are some visual aids.

(please forgive my poor photography skills)

Almost everything from our living room, hallway, closets, guest bath, and dining area is piled up in our guest room and garage.
Our living room is very sad and empty. At this point the we have no baseboards anywhere and our carpet is about half gone.
Yesterday we decided to demo part of a wall that jutted out into the living room. Here is the unfinished result.
Our new baseboards, waiting to be installed.
Our flooring, waiting to be installed.
What’s next?
  • Flooring in living room and hallway installed
  • New tile in kitchen, dining area and laundry nook
  • Baseboards installed in guest bath, hallway, living room, kitchen, dining and laundry
  • Living room, hallway, guest bath, dining area, kitchen, and laundry nook painted
  • Carpet in all 3 bedrooms cleaned and restretched
Here are my potential paint colors:
(all are sherwin williams colors)
living room/kitchen/dining/hallway walls: smokey topaz (this is a warm, tan color)
trim: frosty white
accent wall in kitchen: fireweed (this is a darkish red)


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