At the end of December Jason and I went to see Trans-Siberian Orchestrain concert at the American Airlines Center. This was quite an afternoon of firsts for me: first major (non CCM) concert, first time at the AAC, first time to see TSO. I have a couple of TSO’s CDs and have been asking for tickets to their Christmas show. Well, this year, thanks to Jason’s mom, my wish was granted (thanks Gina!).

We took DART down to the AAC (Side note: did you know that you can call 214-979-1111 and a DART person will tell you exactly the route you need to take to get from your point A to point B…very helpful!) and walked through the West End, stopping shortly to buy a homeless guy some barbecue…oh wait, is that not normal? Anyway, we finally got to the AAC and saw the woman bushes. I had heard how cool Victory Park was but I was unimpressed. We hiked up to out seats after seeing a guy with a raccoon tail and cape on…oh wait, is that not normal, either? Continuing on, we got to our seats and well, let’s just say I was less than happy. Talk about nosebleed. However, after the concert started we quickly realized that out seats were just fine for this type of concert. This is a show I highly recommend to anyone who likes TSO. It is incredible…they have strobes, lasers, pyrotechnics, etc. I really, really enjoyed it. Not to mention that the music was great, too. Our show also had special guest Paul Rodgers of Bad Company fame. All in all, it was a great time out–perfect for an after Christmas, pre-anniversary date.


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