Iron & Sugary Sweets


Even though we didn’t get iron or sugary sweets (the traditional gifts for a 6th anniversary), we did celebrate 6 years of marriage last week.

In honor of the occasion, here are six of the many things I love about Jason…

  1. His manners. Now this may shock you because of his rough edges, but my husband is quite a gentleman. Yes, he has the nickname Tank, but he does still hold open doors for others, give up his seat to ladies, and waits until the end to go through a line or be served. These are qualities many men no longer exhibit.
  2. His sense of humor. I am ever so grateful to have married a man who makes me laugh.
  3. His nerdiness. Who would have thought I would have married a technologically savvy, dice game playing, astronomy/math/science loving, graph making, perfectionist of a guy?
  4. His motorcycle. Enough said.
  5. His commitment. Jason does what he says he is going to do. I appreciate that.
  6. His stomach. My husband will eat anything. I am no gourmet cook and I have been known to burn a few things, but I like to cook and I love having a husband who will eat whatever it is I come up with.



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