Five Senses Friday

Yesterday, while manning the front desk during the receptionist’s lunch hour, I flipped through an old issue of a parenting magazine. Obviously, this wouldn’t be my choice in a magazine, given that I don’t have a particular need for parenting skills at the moment, but it’s what was available. Anyway, I digress–the magazine had a short blurb about how to be a better (and more, interesting) blogger. Aha, something for me! I am both a not-so-great and an uninteresting blogger, so this is something from Dallas Child that I could actually benefit from. Well, the article said to setup blogs based on a particular day and then keep those same formats from week to week (e.g. Sunday Update, Menu Monday, Five Senses Friday, etc.) in order to give your readers something personal and consistent. No way am I going to do a “Menu Monday” or an update every Sunday, but I totally dug the “Five Senses Friday” idea. I have actually seen other bloggers do this same thing…have they read the same parenting magazine or (more likely) is it just a common practice in the blogosphere? Either way, I am going to begin Five Senses Friday. On Friday mornings, I will (try to) post what my five senses have encountered recently. Sound fun? Okay, here we go….

See The Birth of Venus by Botticelli: A postcard picked up on my trip to Italy which now resides on my bulletin board behind my computer at work

Hear Handel’s Messiah: Being practiced by the 3rd grade choir class next door

Feel Autumn Giddiness: The familiar rush of excitement of the arrival of autumn when I stepped outside this morning into the brisk coolness, bundled in a colorful, cuddly scarf

Taste Sweet & Salty Nut granola bars by Nature Valley: I have been a long-time fan of their crispy granola bars in Oats & Honey, Cinnamon and Peanut Butter, but his week I bought The Sweet & Salty Peanut kind and I love it

Smell Fruity lotion on my hands: The Pure & Basic lotion (in Fuji Apple Berry) that I keep on my desk–by the way, I get it at my favorite grocery store, Sprouts


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