Autumn Update

For the friends & family stopping by who I don’t get to catch up with very often, I am posting an update on what’s been going on a the Kearney house.

First, I am well into my second year teaching art a local private school and am enjoying it very much. The atmosphere is encouraging and I have a lot of fun doing art projects with the kids. At the same time, I am continuing work on my Master’s in Art Education at UNT. I am taking two classes at a time, which means I end up going to school two nights a week. At this rate, my graduation should be December 2008. Lately, I have been trying to catch up on my scrapbooking and also been trying to make some house decorating decisions. Very soon we will have new flooring, an interior paint job, our table/chairs and new dining hutch painted and I am considering painting our kitchen cabinets, also. I love house projects!

Jason is still working on his degree at the University of Texas at Dallas and will finish next year. While he is in school full-time and I am working, he has taken over much of the house cleaning and daily errands. I am thankful for a husband who does dishes and laundry! This semester our schedules are so that we don’t cross paths much during the week, but we are looking ahead to the day when school is behind us. Also, Jason started a new youth class where he is teaching Biblical worldviews concerning creation and evolution. This is one of Jason’s favorite subjects, so he is in his element.

In other news, we have recently been taking care of a sweet little puppy that was abandoned by my some neighbors. He is very cute, but our current situation doesn’t really allow for a canine addition….so, anyone want a dog???

I hope you are all experiencing a wonderful Fall and taking the time to truly enjoy the season.


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