Time for a change

Well, I decided it was that time again…



so I made another donation.



3 thoughts on “Time for a change


    My 2nd oldest was/is planning to do this. I walked in the bathroom recently and mom was about to handle up on the snipping.

    I was like, “Whoa! Where’s the camera?! You gotta record the moment.”

    Mom was like, “Huh? We gotta hurry and get her to bed.”

    I was like, “Well, this is kind of a big deal and she might never do this again in her life. We should take some pictures so we/she can remember. Plus, I’m kind of proud her wanting to make such a Huah gesture.”

    Mom was like, “Okay, go get the camera.”

    And I was like, “I can’t find the camera and I looked all over up in this piece.”

    She was like, “Well, let’s just do this”

    Then Rachel was like, “No, Mommy. We should wait.”

    Mom was like, “You’re the bad Ag” (though she more said it to me with a stern look than with words).

    So, we have found the camera and now we’re ready. I’ll try to get pictures like yours. Perhaps we can start a Providence Church trend.

  2. Eric, I know one of the Camp girls has also done it and so have the Bradley’s. The trend has begun! And you have to take pics…in fact you can send in your pics with your donation and sometimes they will put you on the website.

    Steph, yes it is short!! I told you! I’ll try to get a front picture soon.

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