Your favorite attribute?

Yesterday, in Sunday School, the following question was posed: “Does having an understanding of God’s attributes affect your life?” I would say yes, without a doubt. The first thing that came to my mind, the attribute of SOVEREIGNTY. I just don’t get how people can live allegedly live as a Christian, yet doubt the absolute sovereignty of God. I mean, I sure wouldn’t want that kind of pressure on me…the kind where I am responsible for what’s going on around me…the kind where if someone rejects my gospel presentation it’s because I didn’t have the right words to say…the kind where I am sick because I didn’t pray hard enough…the kind where I don’t have enough faith to be blessed monetarily beyond belief…the kind where I can “pull one over” on God…the kind where God is waiting and wondering to see if you will accept him. Who would want that? I want a God that’s absolutely in control of every aspect of my world, that know the hairs on my head and my comings and goings, where nothing is a surprise. Thank goodness that’s what I’ve got. I am free from the burden of thinking I can actually do anything on my own and I’ll take that any day.


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