Where the wild things are…

I have a love/hate relationship with zoos. I think it would be great if animals could stay in their natural habitats to live out their lives and if I think too much about animals, especially large and energetic ones, cooped up in a too-small cages I’ll go all tree-hugger on you. However, on the flip side, I am a selfish human and love to be able to view animals up close and learn more about them. Anyone else deal with this predicament? Anyway…a few weeks ago mom and I took to girls to Lufkin and met my Granny and cousin, Angela, at the Ellen Trout Zoo. I was able to push aside my conscience for one day and really enjoy myself, despite the sweltering temperatures and ferocious smell!

The girls, with their cousin Angela, peering at the monkeys.


The girls in front of the pink flamingos.

There were dozens of peacocks roaming free around the zoo, so at least they aren’t oppressing the peacocks. : )

With Tristan on the train ride. Notice how sweaty we were.

Mom with Taylor on the train ride.

Anyone know what this thing is??



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