State of the Summer

My parent’s dog, Maggie, had nine puppies. My parents kept one of the puppies, Slick, and he is fitting right in around there.

A picture of Jason, taken at a church movie & pizza day, sporting one of his typical looks.

We got to go visit the Hough family in their new state, Kansas. It was great to see Brian, Laura, Beckham, and Tiny, too! Becks has grown up so much…what a cute little man!

Laura and I in the kitchen of their adorable house…look close, you can see Becks little hands wanting mommy to pick him up.

Jason and Brian….they spent much of their time playing video games. It was the first time Jason and I had gotten to play the Wii.

Visiting the Rietjens…they live about 15 minutes from the Houghs…it’s a small world.

Roger “reading” to Jason at the Rietjens house. I can’t believe how big he is now. We really miss the Rietjens!!


Summer BBQ at our house with the Murrays and Swains.


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