Jesus Camp

 On Sunday a friend asked me if I had seen the movie “Jesus Camp.” I have not seen the movie but have heard mixed reviews, commentaries and criticisms. While much of what apparently goes on in the movie is not foreign to me, as I have been exposed to pentecostal, charismatic, sensationalized and overly emotional churches in the past, I would like to see the movie for the simple fact that I can be aware of how mainstream American will now categorize me. You see, I am a Christian; therefore, I must believe that people should roll around on the floor in the name of the Holy Spirit and smash coffee cups emblazoned with the word “government” (hopefully you realize I am kidding).  For a take on the movie that I find thought-provoking, read The Jesus Camp: An Accurate Assessment by Mark Moore of Providence Community in Plano.

Totally unrelated, but also an interesting read by Moore is his post, Christian Celebrities.


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