I am not too afraid to admit it

I was tagged by my friend, Stephanie, to list six weird things about myself. My disclaimer is this: my list contains six things that I feel most people would think are weird, not necessarily what I feel is weird. Here goes…

1. I have been to an actual monster truck rally. Yes,monster truckit’s true…go ahead and make fun, I can just hear all the terribly witty comments about growing up in Cuney (although I am NOT from Cuney, I am from Jacksonville and there is a huge difference, contrary to popular belief).

2. I read romance novels. Enough said about that one.

3.My favorite show of all time is 90210. I will still watch reruns when I catch them on and would love to own every season on DVD! And yes, I cried on the last episode when David and Donna got married while at my “farewell to 90210 watching party.”

4. I met my husband on the Internet. Although this is becoming a more common practice, people still have a look of shock on their faces when I tell them this for the first time.

5. I lopollockve abstract art and if I had to categorize myself into an artistic category (which I try not to do), it would be as an abstract expressionist. This is one of those things that I don’t find weird, but apparently, I am one of the few.

6. I have been known to stay in the tub for two hours…or longer.


5 thoughts on “I am not too afraid to admit it

  1. I bought George the first season of 90210 for Christmas and we’ve already watched all of the episodes! The first season was better than I remembered.

  2. I didn’t realize Cuney was big enough to host a Monster Truck rally.

    The way I heard it wasn’t that you grew up in Cuney, but that you graduated from UT-Cuney.

    Well, I’m hoping to weird my kids up at some point as I think they would LOVE a Monster Truck rally, at least I know my man cub would.

    P.S. Many would stay in the jacuzzi for that length of time and think nothing of it. But, I would always have to get out of the tub when the water got cold.

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